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Biodynamic Farming. Positive Comment of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Biodynamics (“biological-dynamics”) is an approach to the organic agriculture application which can be utilized at any farm and hortulan establishments by several steps realization.

Of productive capacity of soil building contain the several steps:

  • The usage of biodynamic aerosol to incentify biological performance and enhance the maintenance of nutrient materials including dung;
  • Planted vegetation for multifold application;
  • Crop maintenance projects to improve productive capacity of soil and take under control weeds and pests of the plants utilizing green manures;
  • Recycling of biologically organic waste products;
  • Altering the situation of utilization of chemical pests to averting ideas founded on plant and animal nutrition.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy believes that the usage of organic substances in agriculture as well as in pharmacy will positively influence the development. We should think about the possibility to make everything better.

Biodynamics views the farm as a whole organism and a system in which farms influence each other. Regulation is founded on farm’s observations combining with tests’ and analyses’ outcomes. The result of this innovations are the renewal of all the system.

What are the pros?
Because biodynamics utilizes the very constrained exterior resources and recirculation mostly on farm wastes having low influence on the environment. It improves the economical way in farming establishments at the same time all the details are met. It helps to avoid the convergence between economics and ecology.
The quality of produced goods are one more benefit in this occasion. Customers leave the positive comments about goods produced in such a way.
Biodynamically grown products are certified by the international trademark Demeter and make people be sure these products are produced according to the biodynamic approaches.

Where did biodynamics found?
In the 1920s saw that a number of European farmers were deeply interested agriculture but disappointed by its degraded condition:

  • productive capacity of soil
  • Unthrifty animals
  • Loss of food quality.

Philosopher and scientist Dr Rudolf Steiner had conducted a course of lectures including the ideas of biodynamic concepts. Since the biodynamic concepts have been accomplishing farming methods which take into consideration the more acute phenomena in nature to produce food that is organic ones. Out of this working activity new techniques have emerged to estimate the quality of water, soil and farm products. Now, when the mantle of life which covers our earth is ever more weakened as a consequence of short-sighted human actions, biodynamics is offering a more sustainable solution.

Sowing and Planting Schedule
The Biodynamic Farming Association issues sowing and planting schedule to assist farmers in sow, transplanted plant, harvest and farming activities at the matched time to gain the best results. Rudolf Steiner figured out the impact of planets, moons, and stars on plant growth presenting the value of timely agricultural working activity especially in sowing seeds and transplanting in accordance with their schedule.
Since the Genista Research Foundation is a part of the Biodynamic Farming Association we can response orders from those associated in working with this yearly schedule. The calendar suggests an introduction to biodynamic agriculture and basic astronomy, with each month discussion introducing the movement of the moon and planets through the Zodiac and indications for timing your gardening and farming activities in accordance to their rhythms. In this schedule one will also find a enormous number of articles on the theme Agriculture for Nutrition and Health.

Anyone interested may contact the Genista Research Foundation at