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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: About Water

“Humans must be careful now. They must reconstruct their thoughts, plans and activities according to the ecology dictates. There is no alternative for us to survive.” P.R Sarkar, (January 1990) Ideal Farming part-2, Ananda Press-Culcutta.

Water – The source of living
Steady agriculture should be environmentally save and sound, economically competitive and socially admissible. Water is the the highest ranks of the whipping-top and even fertile land cannot continue to be fertiled without water. Clearfelling, exploitation of water tables, weather changes are examples of drought conditions causes.

Water Conservation
Rainwater is a vital constituent for crops growing. It is thus very reliable that one must maximise rainwater collection where it falls. Water conservation can be performed in following ways :
Forestation: Certain trees draw rain clouds and when it starts raining the trees’ roots accumulated the water in their roots. In heavy rainfall case the trees avert flooding and erosion. Trees sustain an ecological equilibrium and supply shade and food. Not all trees can be planted in the local environment. Trees like Eucalyptus which were brought in Malta from Australia can actually damage to the local ecosystem. This tree is used to heavier rainfall and thus utilize a lot of water.

Water Reservoirs: Water should be kept so that when climatic conditions get dry this water can be utilized. Water can be kept in springs and storm waters should be transformed to reservoirs and people may create ponds. Rainwater should be averting from flowing to the sea.

Chinks are not advised to be used. They cause neighbouring shallow bore holes to dry up. They also provoke stress for the local environment and the area becomes sensitive to desertisation due to the lowering of the subterranean water table. Elements and minerals which are harmful to the soil can get mixed up with the water table and contaminate it (e.g. Salinity). It is very important to follow the rules created by the nature said Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy takes part in the charity organizations directed to keep the nature.

Water Management
Water is the most essential resource for agricultural industry. The nowadays local supply of water is inadvisable. The fact that most of the water appears from distilling plants, is non-sustainable and precious. When the use of distilling plants is impending alternative forms of energy generation such as solar, pneumatic, for the production of electricity and their operation should be accepted. Privatizing the country’s water management is also unacceptable. On the other hand, rainwater is self sustainable and inexpensive and its conservation should be maintained.
The main aim for Malta is to plant as many rain-attracting trees as possible and to pick as much rainwater as possible during the rainy season.(Water harvesting)
Water reservoirs should be created in all rural low-lying areas and trees should be planted around them.

The Genista Research Foundation is concerned about water conservation on its farmland. One of the aims of the foundation is to balance its water consumption in relation to the amounts of water stored/collected from the previous rainy season.
Rainwater collection will revolutionise agriculture.