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Erectile Dysfunction: Essence, Types, Causes and Symptoms

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is sexual function disorder, which often becomes a real problem for men all over the world. Statistics argue that virtually every man, starting from age of 20, at least once experienced erectile dysfunction symptoms: insufficient erection in an excited state.

As a result, a full sexual intercourse can not take place. But you should know that erectile dysfunction is only spoken of when a qualitative erection can not be achieved in more than 25 percent of sexual intercourses.

Often erectile dysfunction becomes a serious test for men, because this is not only a physiological, but also a psychological problem.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms Given by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be divided into several types:

The most common erectile dysfunction symptom associated with stress, fatigue or poor health is the violation of libido is reluctance of physical intimacy.

This can occur as a result of:

  • partner relationships destruction;
  • depression;
  • hormonal disorders (decreased testosterone production).

Erection regidity may indicate vascular diseases, and ejaculation violation or its absence is associated with psychological problems. The least common erectile dsyfunction symptom in men is anorgasmia – a violation of orgasm. It can be short or absent altogether. This symptom is associated with psychological disorders.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

There are several types of erectile dysfunction, and they are determined by the causes and approaches to this problem treatment:

  1. psychological (psychogenic);
  2. organic;
  3. mixed.

About 20% of erectile dysfunction causes have a psychological basis, but in 80% of cases it speaks of serious diseases, a complication of which is:

  • autoimmune diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Each type of erectile dysfunction has its own characteristics. For example, psychological erectile dysfunction usually begins suddenly. It is associated with stress, overstrain or problems in relationships of partners. In this case, the morning erection and penis ability to be in a stressed state during sexual intercourse remain.

Organic problems of erectile dysfunction usually begin gradually, and to maintain a normal erection with each time becomes more difficult. It indicates presence of some background disease requiring erectile dysfunction treatment. Also, organic problems can arise due to taking medications that affect potency. The man retains libido and ejaculation, but there are no night erection, and during sexual intercourse a penis can suddenly lose rigidity.

It is very important, noticing changes in erection state, not to write off this for all sorts of external causes (stress, fatigue, quarrels with a partner), because difficulties in the sexual sphere should not become the norm. To solve the problem, you should definitely contact a specialist and buy necessary medications for ED treatment in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction usually has a number of causes, the most common of which Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy will consider in more detail:

  • endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction are a violation of male sex hormone development – testosterone. It often occurs with genetic abnormalities, injuries, infections and tumors. Potency and erection with such diseases usually resume after ED treatment with hormonal drugs (tablets, gels).
  • medical causes for erectile dysfunction are admission of certain drugs that reduce male sex hormones production. These can be drugs that depress activity of cerebral cortex, and any narcotic substances, including alcohol.
  • neurological causes of erectile dysfunction include a number of diseases of the peripheral nerves or brain and spinal cord. It can be as trauma of brain and spinal cord, as well as autoimmune diseases, circulatory disorders in brain, epilepsy, sclerosis, perineal and pelvic injuries.
  • psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are prolonged stress, neuroses, depression, problems with partner or discrepancy of sexual disharmony and habits. Even ordinary fatigue can have a negative effect on male potency. Also often erection is affected by fear of experiencing failure in bed or sexual intercourse with a new partner.
  • other ED causes include penile trauma and vascular problems (sclerosis). If blood flow through the arteries is disturbed, the erection may not occur for a long time, or occur in insufficient volume. When venous block is broken, erection occurs quickly, but also passes quickly, often not allowing a man to complete sexual act. It happens due to the vessels inner shell inflammation, characteristic of heavy smokers or people with autoimmune diseases.