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How To Order

To arrange an order from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is easy as ABC. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy simplifies ordering procedure to be convenient for people of different ages. Moreover this online pharmacy provides step-by-step instruction with detailed description of each step.

Each step description is accompanied with picture showing the right decision. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy tries to explain everything in plane language.

Step One:

step1The first step to make an order from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy includes the idea to choose medication. For example, you may make choice from drug categories or using search bar. When you select required for treatment medication, you should click on it and continue ordering. All the medications are sold over-the-counter that’s why there is no need to waste time while sending us prescription.

Step Two:

The second step makes you choose the dosage and number of pills. When you find it you should put the button “Order now”. As you can see each medication has a veriety of dosages and amount of pills that’s why you should be attentive while selecting. Whn putting “Order Now” button you may continue shopping or complete ordering procedure.

Step Three:

step3Step three will show you your shopping cart with all the information about your order. You will be informed about shipping options available and additional pills as bonus. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has an well-organized shopping cart where everything is so clear and understanble. After you check all the information, you have to click the button “Checkout” and continue shopping.

Step Four:

step4Checkout stage presents you order details as well. Shipping options are described with price or free options. To complete the ordering procedure, you are welcome to fill in personal data where it is required.


Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy customers have to fill in billing and shipping information. You may choose by yourself what kind of payment options you should apply. You should enroll your credit card number but you may be sure all the trasactions are protected on Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

After you complete an order you will be sent e-mail where all the order details are confirmed. If you do not get such an e-mail, you should contact us. We may solve your technical problems as fast as possible. The second e-mail you will be brough when your parcel was depatched from our office. So that you may be likely to forecast when your parcel will be delivered.