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Our Mission And Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Opinion

“Genista Research Foundation has aims to improve men activities in the food production that operate against nature and where one is waited to see the ecological system in all functions, rather than treating an area as a single product system: the foundation performs to increase, facilitate, carry along, stimulate, issue ecologically friendly alternatives, services and products for Malta.”

Genista Research Foundation has been recently identified the aim of creating an industry-leading project on sustainable farming to show practical systems in various spheres of farming and other sustainable approaches where one is waited to care greater of our environment and the consumers’ health. The project will also play the role of a capability for further initiatives and practical research in the field of sustainable farming and other related ecological issues by providing technical help, courses, educational supplement materials and other informational activities.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has to know a lot about the ecologically friendly methods of activities because we all are directed to improve the way of living all over the world.

The Foundation also controls a pioneering project on sustainable farming showing environmentally friendly farming systems in various spheres of farming.

Initiatives :

  • Organic / biodynamic farming.
  • Organic herbs cultivation.
  • Organic food processing, avoiding additives and harmful chemicals in processed food.
  • Free range animal husbandry.
  • The setting up of an organic seed and plant distribution centre.
  • Waste management plans for local councils’ separation of biodegradable waste and composting.
  • Promoting the use of biodegradable material.
  • Rain water collection and conservation techniques.

The foundation fosters the protection of the natural environment combining with the preservation of native agricultural landscapes, assuring that agricultural activities care for the valleys’ and landscapes’ protection are performed of scientific interest due to the educational activities conducted. Environmentally friendly farming enhances sustainable farming approaches which are encouraged by European agricultural policies. European agricultural policies utilize such methods deserving encouragement because it influences health and environment in the following way:

  • Decreasing health dangerous factors posed to both the consumer and the farmer by the utilization of dangerous chemicals in conventional farming.
  • Decreasing the potential of nitrate leaching, contaminating the water table
  • Beneficial influencing on the wildlife population and biodiversity of flora and fauna of the Maltese islands

Genista Research Foundation is a follower of the Biodynamic Farming and gardening Association USA and is looking forward is to reinforce its commitment towards the environment by implementing and demonstrating the principles of ‘Permaculture’.