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Buy Meldonium (250 – 500 mg) via Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy and Read Scientists’ Opinion about it

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, independently of controversial news about Meldonium (250 mg, 500 mg) has added it in the assortment and made it free for all people worldwide. Usually this medication is applied at cardiac disorders treatment but may be taken by athletes as well. Meldonium is accessible for buying at attractive price on Canadian Pharmacy. Here you may get acquianted with its prices:

But of course there is the question of how pertinently speak about meldonium as about a dope, concerns not only inhabitants, but also scientists. There is a lot of opinions, we will bring only some of them:

  1. The opinion of scientists about Meldonium is actively used at treatment of heart diseases and in neurology. 100% efficiency can be challenged, but doctors rather often appoint Meldonium to the patients. And some of them recommend them to order it via Online Pharmacy.
  2. On the fact that meldonium is capable to increase endurance and efficiency of the person, it is possible to discuss long. Only one is known – for this time no great clinical trials on groups of people concerning capability of meldonium to increase endurance were conducted. And it is approved by professor, the doctor of medical sciences, the head of department of myocardium diseases and heart failure of Institute of clinical cardiology of A. L. Myasnikova Sergey Tereshchenko agree that scientists of such level are always aware of the last researches. Most likely, some minimum researches, so-called “pilot” which can’t be the basis for such serious conclusions were conducted.
  3. Sergey Tereshchenko allows as well probability that the additional effect of meldonium in the form of endurance increase after all is available. But professor insists that no clinical trials in this direction were conducted – by the way, for this reason, meldonium hasn’t entered the global pharmacological market and is used only in the territory of the Russian Federation and in some CIS countries.
  4. There are no analogs of meldonium in the world! To the pharmaceutists it is known Preductal which also improves metabolic processes in heart tissues, but the mechanism of its action is absolutely another. And it, by the way, has been included in the list of the forbidden preparations for athletes (that is has been recognized as a dope) much earlier.
  5. Healthy people can’t consume Meldonium categorically because intervention in heart work from the outside even at excessive physical activities won’t lead to anything good.
  6. That patients who consume Meldonium to destination of the attending physician shouldn’t be worried because there is no harm to an organism.
  7. For athletes Meldonium is necessary for heart attacks prevention against excessive trainings, the preparation only keeps health of the athlete, but doesn’t guarantee him a victory in competitions in any way.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy figures out that Meldonium was placed in the List of Prohibited Medications and Methods just on the first January of 2016. But this medication is still available on the pharmaceutical market because as it was mentioned above it can be applied at cardiac disorders treatment. You may place an order and receive Meldonium at the stated periods of time.

But be attentive in this medication implication because the increased doses may lead to the side effects appearance. As if you are an athlete it is better to consult the doctor in sports medicine to prescribe the necessary dosage.