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Rules of Essay Submissions


The competition is available to college students from all US states. Staff and family members of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy are banned from taking part in this scholarship competition. The Competition isregulated by all current federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Been awarded with this scholarship is circumstantial upon satisfying all the requirements promoted by the Sponsor.

Our Program:

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is proposing college students who are specializing Graduation / PG education a capability to win $1,000 in assistance towards their education!

How to Enter:

The Competition starts September 1st, 2017 and finishes on August 31st, 2018. Our computer will serve as a time-keeping device for the Competition. To participate:

  • Create a personal account on (the “Site”);
  • Submit an online application by means of personal account;
  • Compose an essay in English of 1,000–2,500 on topic: “Why Is Online Pharmacy So Popular?”

By submitting an Entry, you give guarantee that:

  • The presented by you information is correct and verifiable;
  • The essay is original;
  • Applicants nomination does not break any law / regulation / right of any third party;
  • The essay does not denigrate anyone.

The aplicant must be a student of two-year or four-year US college or US university.

Our Goal:

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy wants to assist students implement their talents and become driven about their future education.

Who We Are:

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is an online pharmaceutical company providing people with an opportunity to buy generic medications of high quality to maintain and improve health conditions.


The winner of this competition will be awarded with scholarship of $1 000. This grant will be awarded to winner’s college or university according to the information given in the application form; or if the winner visits a various two-year or four-year US college or US university, the Award may be given to two-year or four-year college or university. The winner must be registered and visit a two-year or four-year US college or US university for which Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy willgive the award within no more than two years from the end of the Promotion Period; otherwise, the scholarship will be confiscated.

If a winner cannot be informed about this grant via the contact information given in the application form within 10 days, or if the award information is come back as undelivered, the scholarship will be confiscated.

The sponsor, namely Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, has the right to interchange an award of equal or greater monetary value if an award cannot be brought to a winner because of mentioned above reason. All federal / state / local taxes will be winner’s responsibility.