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Viagra – Facts You Knew and Didn’t Know in One Article by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

  1. Creation of the Drug
  2. What is Viagra and its Effect?
  3. How does Viagra Affect Psyche?
  4. Active Substances
  5. Types of Viagra Generics
  6. How to Choose the Proper Viagra Dosage
  7. Viagra Contraindications – When to be Careful?
  8. Side Effects of Viagra
  9. Research Data
  10. Effects of Long-Term Use of Viagra (Sildenafil)
  11. Overdose
  12. Taking Viagra with Other Medications
  13. Violation of Speed of Excretion
  14. Viagra – Aspirin Combination
  15. How does Viagra Combine with Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs?
  16. How does Viagra Work on Women?

Today Viagra is considered the most popular among men means for returning potency and eliminating erectile dysfunction. Although instructions accompanying the drug has recommendations on how to take pills safely, it is not clear to everyone how Viagra works.

To begin with, it should be clarified that Viagra is a drug that has therapeutic effect on erectile dysfunction. This can not be said about other drugs widely advertised today, as they eliminate erectile dysfunction for a while, their effect is symptomatic.

Creation of the Drug

The effect of this drug for men was discovered accidentally. Pharmaceutical company «Pfizer» in 1992 on volunteers clinically tested new drug for treatment of heart disease sildenafil. Unfortunately, expected effect on heart from this drug did not happen. However, some male volunteers drew attention to the fact that the drug has a side effect – increase in potency. Many did not even want to part with it. As an independent drug, Viagra has appeared in American pharmacies since 1998.Viagra Information

What is Viagra and its Effect?

Today, there are many drugs that work to increase potency, but none works like Viagra. The fact is that the latter directs its action to eliminate immediate cause of impotence, that is, to combat man’s inability to normal erection, sufficient to accomplish sexual intercourse.

Viagra corrects disturbances that have arisen in the field of blood supply, restoring activity of vessels involved in erectile process. Practice shows that the means has helped many men with erectile dysfunction to achieve normal erection lasting for a long time. The only condition for effectiveness of the drug is presence of sexual excitement.

Many men confirm that the remedy really helps to achieve erection necessary for full sexual intercourse. Viagra has a selective effect, which is directed to expansion of blood vessels of penis. In addition to increasing potency the product provides improvement in sexual intercourse, i. e. makes it longer, reduces intervals of recovery between intercourses and increases quality of orgasm, making it brighter and more emotionally saturated.

Effect of the drug comes in half an hour, although in the course of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy studies individual cases were revealed, when effect of the remedy started within a quarter of an hour, it depends on individuality of a man (complexion, sensitivity to the drug, full stomach, etc.). Effect of increased erection lasts about 4 hours, although it depends on organic characteristics of a man. The initial dosage of the drug should be half a pill (50 mg), Viagra is taken about an hour before planned sexual intercourse.

Attention! The drug begins to act only if there is corresponding sexual excitement. If there is none, then erection may not occur even after taking Viagra.

According to the results of the Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy research, Viagra can help to:

  • patients with psychogenic disorders of erection;
  • patients with diabetes;
  • patients with atherosclerosis;
  • patients with damage to nerves going to vessels of penis;
  • patients with damage to the spinal cord and other concomitant clinical conditions;
  • patients taking a number of medicines at the same time, etc.

But, unfortunately, this drug can not cure all types of erectile dysfunction. In any case, before taking any medications, you need to consult a doctor.

How does Viagra Affect Psyche?

It is rather difficult to answer this question in the framework of this article. But we will try to outline the main considerations in this regard.

All doctors who work with patients with erectile dysfunction, of course, sooner or later understand that, perhaps, none of existing diseases leaves such a deep trail in psyche as it happens in case of impotence.

In addition, there is an entire army of patients suffering from the so-called psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Speaking in human language, there are no physical reasons for erectile dysfunction in these people, and the reason for their illness lies in some kind of psychological problems.

We will also add that even in those cases when the cause of the disease is, say, vascular disease or nerve damage due to trauma or diabetes, all psychological factors are necessarily added to all other factors.

Indeed, imagine that a man at some point is deprived of opportunity to make love with a woman. It is difficult to imagine a trauma stronger than awareness of one’s own sexual weakness. it is not necessary to be Sigmund Freud, to understand how important and emotionally colored this sphere of human relationships and how painful any failure along the way.

It is not for nothing that all patients who have undergone a course of treatment or even a surgery for erectile dysfunction must necessarily undergo the so-called psychological rehabilitation. Without help of psychiatrist, it is sometimes not possible to achieve good results even after perfectly performed microsurgical intervention on vessels of penis. It’s hard not to agree with the opinion of sexologists that the main organ of love in a person is located within the skull.Viagra

On the other hand, psychological rehabilitation is impossible if erection does not arise in connection with any objective or subjective reasons. Naturally, the best remedy for sad mood associated with impotence is good erection. In this regard, emergence of effective pills, capable of causing erection, inspre optimism not only in doctors, but also in patients.

We assure, nothing raises the mood and gives confidence to a man who has lost all hope for happiness so much as his own penis in the state of the most frank and impudent erection!

Active Substances

You can not prescribe Viagra yourself, because it is dangerous. Active substance of the drug is sildenafil. This component has ability to instantly react with many drugs. Leading among them are medications used in therapy of cardiovascular pathologies and containing nitrates. If you take them with Viagra, then there may be various kinds of complications.

But in general the drug has very positive effect on male body, which was proved in the course of clinical studies. Most of the men who participated in the test (≈ 80%) had persistent and prolonged erection as a result of taking Viagra, and after intercourse they experienced profound satisfaction. Approximately 15% of the subjects reported lack of effectiveness in taking the drug, and remaining minority (5%) felt that exposure to Viagra could be hazardous to health.

Types of Viagra Generics

Do you want to save 3 – 4 times more when buying Viagra online through the Internet? Viagra generics, having absolutely the same composition as original Viagra, but produced under the name of its active ingredient or under a different brand of various well-known pharmaceutical companies in the world. Generic forms of Viagra are much cheaper than Viagra itself, with the same efficiency as the original drug.

A significant part of preparations not only of Viagra, supplied to the world market by pharmaceutical companies, is the so-called generic form. They have exactly the same effect as drugs sold under any known brand name given to them by the inventor of the drug, since they have absolutely identical composition. Such drugs are usually cheaper, because firms do not need to invest more money in advertising campaign aimed at promoting the drug.

In case of Viagra, active substance is sildenafil. All generic forms of Viagra are produced by well-known pharmaceutical companies and give absolutely the same effect as Viagra at a much lower price.

Before you order Viagra or its analogs, you need to establish the exact cause of your functional disorders (this will help your urologist-andrologist) to avoid the two misconceptions that are associated with Viagra:

  1. Viagra and its generic clones are not stimulators. This class of drugs does not lead to erection automatically, regardless of presence or absence of sexual desire. Effect of the drug Viagra is manifested in significant blood flow to genitals and prolonged retention of this state only if there is a sexual stimulus (desire), but in absence (without use of the drug) of the ability to maintain erection. The ability of a man to maintain prolonged sexual intercourse increases by several times: instead of usual 1-2 minutes, intercourse is prolonged to 8 – 12 minutes.
  2. Viagra and its generic clones are not able to solve problems of sexual dysfunction, if they are caused by certain physiological disorders of genital organ, etc. These drugs solve and effectively help men cope with problems, mainly psychological state, when a man, due to one failure, is plunged in a state of insecurity and then falls into a vicious circle: failure-uncertainty-failure, etc. Uncertainty causes problems of functional nature, mainly, inability to maintain erection for a long time and at a sufficiently high level. It is sildenafil (active ingredient of Viagra) that helps to solve this problem.

How to Choose the Proper Viagra Dosage?

There is a huge amount of medicines, effectiveness of which depends on correctly chosen dose. This concerns drugs from increased blood pressure and pain in the heart, this applies to Viagra. Choice of optimal dosage of the drug is usually handled by specialist who prescribes the drug. So, of course, should be in case with appointment of sildenafil citrate.

The drug is available in three standard dosages on Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: 25, 50 and 100 mg. It is completely wrong that the larger the dose, the more effective the drug will be. Everyone is different. For example, high dosage of Viagra in women can lead to the fact that clitoris becomes too sensitive and instead of pleasure, making love will turn into a monstrous nightmare. On the other hand, too low dosage of the drug may be insufficient for appearance of full erection in a man.Viagra Dosage

There are several approaches to selection of dosage of the drug. Usually, medication is prescribed in average dosage of 50 mg, and then, depending on the onset (or not) of effect, dosage is adjusted or, in case of good effect, does not change. Another approach is to start treatment with minimum dosage, increasing it until good therapeutic effect.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy again have to remind you that choice of dosage should be handled by doctor who will do it more professionally and with less risk to your health.

Viagra Contraindications – When to be Careful?

Everybody has heard about Viagra. But very few people know about its side effects and serious consequences of uncontrolled admission.

  • Caution in application of Viagra is necessary for people who are going to operate various kinds of mechanisms after receiving. Sometimes after taking the drug there may appear rapid color perception change with predominance of blue color. In this regard, management of one of American airlines has forbidden its pilots to take Viagra an hour before flights.
  • Especially cautious you need to be with severe diseases of cardiovascular system (cardiac insufficiency, stenocardia, impaired cerebral circulation). They need constant medical supervision. Sexual intercourse is a serious physical strain for a person with cardiac problems. This should be remembered if there are such symptoms as pain in the heart at physical load and / or at rest, memory and mental disability, progressing over the past few months. Serious approach to this issue is advisable to those who suffered heart attack or blood stroke. This means that, you must consult a doctor about reasonability of taking Viagra.
  • There are some men who should not take Viagra. Since Viagra is involved in biochemical processes associated with exchange of nitric oxide, it can interact with other drugs called nitrates, which are used to treat heart diseases. Therefore, any man who takes nitrates in any form, should not take Viagra under any circumstances.
  • Caution should also be taken by those patients who have previously had priapism. Although no reports on occurrence of priapism have been recorded to date on the background of taking Viagra, patients with predisposition to its occurrence also need serious medical supervision.
  • Children and young people under 18 years of age should not use Viagra. In addition, it is worth remembering that this drug was developed to treat severe sexual disorders in men, and it is not intended for use by healthy men.

As for impact of Viagra on healthy men who have heard about miracle drug and want to satisfy their curiosity, then, according to experts of «Pfizer» company itself, Viagra does not have any effect on them! That is, if you feel revolutionary breakthrough in your sexuality when using Viagra pills, then, apparently, it is worth going to consultation with andrologist. It does not necessarily mean that there is a disease, but examination will not hurt you.

Side Effects of Viagra

As you know, even the safest medication has side effects. Here everything depends on accuracy of taking and tolerating the drug itself. Therefore, when taking Viagra, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy reminds about possible side effects of the drug. Although cases of their occurrence were observed in a very small number of subjects (2%). There were no side effects in men who observed strict dosage when taking the drug. If a man has weakened immune defense, there is a chronic disease or overdose of the drug occurs, the following reactions may appear:

  • Cardiovascular system: tachycardia, ischemia or arrhythmia, heart attack or blood stroke, blood pressure decrease;
  • General disorders: light hypersensitivity, general malaise and weakness, migraine, pain in the chest and abdomen, dizziness, facial edema and allergic manifestations (dermatitis, herpes, rash), increased blood sugar is observed, anemia can develop;
  • Digestion: dry mouth and eructation, vomiting, possible exacerbations of chronic colitis, gastroenteritis or gastritis;
  • Locomotor apparatus: pain in tendons and bones, arthritis and arthrosis;
  • Nervous system: increased nervous excitability and sleep disorders;
  • Respiratory system: bronchitis, laryngitis, exacerbation of asthma, pharyngitis, cough;
  • Genitourinary system: incontinence, inflammation of urinary bladder, frequent urination, ejaculation disorder and absence of orgasm.

Research Data

As a result of taking the drug, complications can occur in the form of very painful erection lasting up to four hours, which requires emergency medical intervention. According to the results of analysis of 1473 cases (for 1 year), when side effects occurred after taking Viagra, the following data were obtained: 522 men died, 94 of them died from cardiac arrest, 200 – from myocardial infarction. Death most often came during the first six hours after the drug was taken. In addition, all men had different degrees of cardiovascular system diseases. However, according to traditional opinion, cause of death is not in medicine itself, but in that people suffering from heart diseases were sexually active. And here it turns out to be accidental situation: on the one hand, a person could have a heart attack at any time because he suffered from heart disease, and on the other hand, he used Viagra, which is contraindicated to him. Probably the nature is much wiser than us, because it does everything so that these patients do not have potency, thus caring about their health. Strangely enough, but whether Viagra is guilty of death of those who accepted it, has not yet been proven. That’s why «Pfizer» has not lost a single case yet. Hence conclusion that before cardiac patients will start taking Viagra, they need to consult their own doctor. In instructions to the means it is written that drugs that are intended for treatment of erectile dysfunction are not recommended for men for whom active sexual life is undesirable.viagra side effects

British scientists studied, how Viagra works on mice. Taking this drug in 30% reduces possibility of conception. This is due to the fact that spermatozoa can not penetrate into the egg cell. The fact that Viagra affects people in the same way does not exist. However, according to manufacturer, the drug does not affect childbearing function, but, on the contrary, improves it, since it contributes to the process.

Effects of Long-Term Use of Viagra (Sildenafil)

Many readers are worried about this issue. Can long reception of the drug somehow harm a person. Will not this lead to some depletion of mechanisms responsible for erection. This question is often asked by healthy men who want to try Viagra to bring some variety to their sex life.

According to Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, in the world here is no reliable data and observations on long-term use of Viagra and its negative effect on the body. Perhaps, only because companies that produce the drug do not want to publish information in the media for their commercial purposes. The fact is that the drug appeared on the market of medicines recently. It would be incorrect to say that prolonged, for several years, taking the drug can not cause any side effects. Even if it seems obvious to someone. Moreover, mankind knows many examples of how an absolutely harmless drug later found itself carrying unpleasant side effects that were discovered only after decades of its application. Nevertheless, we are quite optimistic about the future.

Viagra went through a huge number of clinical trials, in vitro experiments and during all time, while blue pills exist, there was no evidence that prolonged use of sildenafil can lead to any serious consequences. This also concerns some mythical depletion of nerve centers responsible for normal erection. Although some sources of information mention that prolonged use of Viagra affects quality of sperm and auditory function.

From all of the above, it can be concluded that current knowledge about Viagra allows to prescribe this drug for both episodic and long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. Of course, taking into account all precautions, which have already been said.


Viagra has contraindications. Studies were conducted on volunteers who were offered to take up to 800 mg of the drug at one time. Unwanted effects happened more often, and their degree was severe. Antidote does not exist. If Viagra overdose occurs, then symptomatic treatment is prescribed, which is most often performed in intensive care unit.

Dialysis, that is, cleansing blood, will not give effect in this case, since sildenafil, which forms the basis of Viagra, is not excreted in urine, since it is firmly bound to blood plasma proteins. Negative impact on ability to drive was not revealed. However, given that side effects are still possible, it is recommended after taking the drug for some time to be more careful about driving and working with mechanisms.

Taking Viagra with Other Medications

Violation of Speed of Excretion

Doctors noticed that some drugs slow down rate of excretion of Viagra from the body. At joint use of such drugs and Viagra, it took more time for the body to completely get rid of sildenafil (active substance of Viagra). This manifested itself in elevated level of sildenafil in blood for several hours and even days, which in turn is associated with risk of undesirable side effects. Such effect can have: itraconazole and ketoconazole (widely used for treatment of fungal lesions); tagamet, which is used in treatment of tumors, as well as antibiotic erythromycin. After careful research of this issue by specialists of «Pfizer», use of Viagra together with these and some other rare drugs was allowed, only the dosage should be minimal. It is recommended to take pills containing 25 mg of sildenafil. So, if you are constantly taking any medications, carefully read instructions for Viagra and, if necessary, adjust the dosage.

Viagra – Aspirin Combination

There are some misconceptions about interactions of Viagra with frequently used other drugs, such as aspirin. Some people unreasonably believe that use of Viagra can influence effectiveness of action of aspirin in blood. Particularly concerned were those who constantly use aspirin to prevent cardiac angina. But these fears have long been dispelled by doctors. If medications you take are not mentioned in the instruction for Viagra, then these drugs can be combined, they do not interact and do not interfere with each other’s work.

How does Viagra Combine with Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs?

Let’s not hide from each other that quite often in our life, sexual relations are associated with intake of alcoholic beverages. It is completely pointless to read lectures and convince everyone that sexual games in a state of intoxication are not the most useful thing in life. In addition to risk of being greatly upset the next morning, seeing not quite what you expected to see, you have a fairly high probability of damaging your health, getting a bad disease (losing control over events), etc. So, alcohol and Viagra.

As far as Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy specialists know, no special studies have been conducted on this subject by anyone. Nevertheless, to date there is no convincing data that joint use of Viagra and alcoholic beverages (in moderate amounts) can lead to any fatal consequences.

It is difficult, however, to resist temptation to recall that ethyl alcohol is a substance quite strongly depressing central nervous system. In addition, negative effect of alcohol on erectile function in men is well known. So is there any sense on the one hand to take blue pills designed to enhance erection, and on the other, this erection to oppress?

As for drugs, as in case of alcoholic beverages, no one conducted any special investigations on this score. However, if in case of alcohol you are at great risk to run into a conflict with yourself and your conscience, then in case of narcotic substances, you have a chance of conflict with the law. For use and distribution of narcotic drugs in our country is a criminal offense (do not pretend not to know).

It is interesting that when Viagra appeared in the UK, this drug was met with great enthusiasm among young people. In London, which is rightfully considered one of the centers of youth «club» pastime, young people began to readily use Viagra during parties in clubs. At the same time, cases of visit of young people to doctors with complaints of pain in the heart were frequent, and sometimes real heart attacks occurred. Despite the fact that patients were 20 – 25 years old! It is known that cardiac angina does not practically occur at young age, it is really very rare.

If earlier heart attacks in young people, as a rule, were due to use of cocaine, which can cause spasm of coronary vessels, now young inventive people began to take Viagra with the most popular drug Ecstasy. A new cocktail was called «Sextasy».viagra and alcohol

We think you all know that use of drugs in itself is not very useful and may well lead to severe complications and death. If you mix these drugs with each other or with various potent medicines, chance to get complications, remain disabled for life or even lose your life increases by several times.

We absolutely do not intend to promote a healthy lifestyle in this article, especially since this case is not very grateful. We simply warn of possible consequences of misuse of Viagra, created to improve quality of life, and not to experiment with one’s own health.

How does Viagra Work on Women?

Surely, many wondered what would happen if a woman takes Viagra, because it’s not a secret for anyone that women, especially with age, like men, can have sexual difficulties. This question is not accidental, after all, for years of practical application, Viagra has established itself as a very effective drug, but it should be understood that it is intended only for men, and almost does not affect women. The reason for this – mechanism of its action, associated with male physiology.

Initially, Viagra was developed as a remedy in the fight against cardiac angina and ischemia, but in the process of testing it was found that its effect on heart is insignificant, while it greatly increases flow of blood to cavernous bodies of penis, causing erection. It does not affect anything else – it does not increase libido, does not cause sexual excitement. In a woman, clitoris also consists of cavernous bodies, so maximum that occurs in girls after taking Viagra is rush of blood to it.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy found out that if a women takes Viagra, the desired exciting effect will not be achieved, but they should not be disappointed in any case, because science does not stand still, and special preparations have been developed for them too.