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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Waste Management Project

One of the Genista Research Foundation project is “Waste Regulation”. With the Maghtab sanitary landfill achieving its top stage, Genista Research Foundation has its aim to achieve organic waste collection and to make it possible to compost at local level the wastes. We are in close connection with foreign composting companies in Italy and the United States and they are supplying us with up-to-date scientific facts and started biodegradable substances for the collection of organic matter from households, factories and other establishments.

What is Composting?
Composting has been applied in practice for ages. For thousands of years the Chinese have pick and composted all the substances of their gardens, fields and homes, inclusively of faeces. For example, in the Middle East, before the gates of Jerusalem there were places founded to receive urban waste; some was faired and some was made into compost.

Composting is a biological procedure in which microorganisms transmake organic materials such as manure, sludge, leaves, paper and food waste into soil-like compost. It is the same process that dissolves leaves and other organic debris in nature. Composting merely takes under control the conditions so that materials decompose faster.

What is Compost used for?
Composting and the use of compost suggest several eventual profits containing strengthened manure handling, increased soil and fertility, and decreased environmental risk due to nitrate sweeting off and ground water decomposition from fresh manure. Compost is a slow performing fertilizer and not only brings mineral elements to the soil (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium etc.) but also takes a contribution to enchanting soil structure and water retention capability. This also means that no deadly chemical fertilizers are used in food production.
Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy in attempts to inform and assure other companies pharmaceutical as well as other spheres companies to use organic methods to produce their goods because it has positive influence on people. They will make more orders if they trust in us and our goods.

How is Genista Research Foundation aiming to achieve its “Waste Regulation” Goals ?
We are searching concerns with local councils; whereby we supply the regulation, material, information and skills. Local councils can also unite the forces with other nearby and adjoining councils making big composting plants. With good regulations composting processes a bare minimum of odours.
Some other information about Genista Waste Management Project.
Genista Research Foundation is a non benefit making organization. Separately from enchancing biodegradable bags and bins for the collection of organic waste, we also have import of other biodegradable material such as plates, cutlery, cups, pens, etc.

What does biodegradable mean?
It is really a long word but it really means that the material used in the production of these items (normally corn starch) decomposes and turns into compost the same as it’s contents.
We have started off with a brief overview of what Genista is aiming to do and trying to achieve. For further information please contact Norman on We will keep updating you with more information as and when we receive it.