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Bronchial Asthma: Signs and Causes

The First Signs of Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial Asthma_ Causes and SignsThe bronchial asthma treatment with successful outcome lies in the aspect at what time and stage the disease is detected.

The early asthma signs include such symptoms as:

  • short breathing or suffocation. They appear, both on the background of complete quietness or at night, together in case of physical overloading, inhaling of polluted air, smoke, indoor dust, pollen of flowering plants, change in air temperature. This type of asthma attack is characterized by suddenness effect;
  • cough. A dry cough is a major element among asthma sighs. It takes place simultaneously with dyspnea attack. The patient tries to clear throat, but cannot 100-% realize it. Unfortunately, but only at the end of the attack, cough can acquire a wet character, accompanied by a scanty amount of transparent phlegm mucus discharge. If you cannot overcome such a cough, you may use generic Ventolin inhaler online from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy;
  • shallow breathing with long-lasting exhalation. Suffering from an attack, patients have complaints not for the inspiration impossibility but for a full exhalation impossibility, which has a long-lasting character requiring great efforts for its implementation;
  • wheezing. Wheezing is always of dry type. In some cases, such a wheezing can be heard at a distance from the patient. At auscultation they are heard even better;
  • characteristic patients’ position during an attack. In medical practice, this position is known as orthopnea. In this case, patients sit down, leveling down legs, firmly getting hold of the bed. Such fixation of the auxiliary muscles of the extremities helps the chest in the exhalation realization.

The first signs of a bronchial asthma attack can be arrested by means of Ventolin Inhaler online because this medication is oriented to reach fast attacks suppression.

Bronchial Asthma Causes

The causes because of which small bronchi acquire magnified irritability are diverse. Some of them perform as background states supporting inflammation and allergization, and some directly provoke an asthmatic attack. Each patient has an individual trigger of small bronchi irritation. This list includes the following asthma causes:

  • hereditary predisposition. People with bronchial asthma have an aggravated risk of developing this disease in children. The hereditary origin is defined in a 1/3 of patients suffering from asthma. This type of disease is of an atopic nature. It is very difficult to trace the factors that provoke suffocation attacks. Such asthma can manifest at any age either in adults or children.
  • factors from the group of hazards at work. A significant increase in bronchial asthma occurrence as a result of harmful production factors exposure has been registered. Asthma can be provoked by: hot or cold air; air pollution by various small dust particles; chemical compounds; vapors.
  • chronic bronchitis and respiratory infection. Viral and bacterial triggers that become a cause of inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane are able to induce a reactivity increase of their smooth muscle constituents. The greatest evidence is the cases of bronchial asthma appearing on the bronchitis background with a long-lasting course, especially with bronchial obstruction symptoms.
  • quality of air inhaled and condition of ecology. People living in countries with a dry climate and living in the country suffer from asthma much less often compared with industrial regions and countries with humid and cold climates.
  • smoking. Systematic inhalation of smoke provokes inflammatory changes in the bronchial tree mucous membrane. Therefore, every smoker has symptoms and signs of chronic bronchitis. There were observed cases when bronchitis was transformed into bronchial asthma. Smoking can perform as a factor that maintains a regular inflammatory process.
  • dust triggers asthma. Scientists have determined the cause-effect relationship of room dust with the bronchial asthma onset. The thing is that room dust is a natural habitat for home dust mites. Additionally to these microscopic agents, it is comprised of many allergens in the form of lean epithelial cells, chemicals and wool. Street dust becomes a trigger of bronchial asthma only if it is comprised of the following types of allergens: animal hair; pollen of flowers, grasses and trees. Penetrating the bronchial tree, these elements provoke a massive migration of protective immune cells into the mucous membrane, which throws out a large number of mediators of allergy and inflammation. As a result, bronchial asthma takes place.
  • medications. Triggers of bronchial asthma can sometimes be medical preparations. It can become aspirin and any of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Very often, such asthma has an isolated origin with an attack onset only when the body contacts them.